Purfling in various stages of completion

Drawing of Lingcod in different positions

Gluing braces with gobar deck

Joining a bookmatched set for back

Drawing of Lingcod in different positions

Drawing  for fly fishing inlay

Using shop made pantograph for cutting inlay parts. I made this from Ipe (iron wood). I call it The Poorman’s CNC

Cutting inlay pattern with scroll saw. Pattern is 2.7 times larger than final inlay

Another example of pattern for the Poorman’s CNC.

Worker Bee pattern pieces

Final Snake inlay

Final Worker Bee Inlay

Lots of little parts make up the Red King Snake Inlay (not a coral snake)

Recessed channel is also cut with the Poorman’s CNC

After cutting out parts with The Poorman’s CNC they are fit into this walnut burl slice

Finished inlay will be sanded flat with drum sander and cut to rough shape then glued to headstock.

All Original Artwork and Photographs © Copyright 2016 Michael F Smith  All rights reserved