Mermaid Concert

Black Acacia Body

Red Cedar Top

Ebony Binding &  Endgraft 

Red Abalone Rosette

Red Abalone, Recon Stone, Sycamore Wood Burn  Inlay

Peghead Tuners

Worker Bee Tenor

Australian Blackwood Body & Back

Redwood Top

Maple and Walnut Rope Binding

Gold Mother of Pearl Rosette

Pau  Abalone, Gold Mop, Southern Pine  Inlay

Walnut Burl Headstock 

For Sale $2200

Black AcaciaTenor

Black Acacia Body & Back

Spruce Top

Ebony Binding

California Buckeye Burl Rosette

Koa, Recon Stone, Abalone  Inlay

California Buckeye Burl Headstock 

For Sale $1650

Walnut & Koa Tenor

Black Walnut Body & Back

Koa Top

Koa Binding

Spalted Maple Rosette

Recon Stone, Abalone  Inlay

Black Walnut Burl Headstock 

For Sale $1350


All Original Artwork and Photographs © Copyright 2016 Michael F Smith  All rights reserved