I’ve worked with wood my entire life as a cabinet maker, finish carpenter and luthier. Both my parents were artists. Making beautiful things runs deep. I strive to make the finest ukuleles in both sound and sight. Goat Rock Ukulele is not a ukulele factory. I build a few instruments at a time. Each ukulele is unique work of art. I love building themed instruments that have special meaning to the eventual owner.  I often build with recycled wood. Many woods harvested decades ago are of higher quality then is now available. I have recycled redwood from 75 year old cabernet wine tanks. It’s stained a beautiful purple from the red grape wine. This wood will make an amazing top for a vintner themed Ukulele. 

If you are a Poet, a Dancer, a Vintner or Mountain Climber, I can design ukulele just for you. 

Please browse the Ukulele Images and contact me if you have questions. 


All Original Artwork and Photographs © Copyright 2016 Michael F Smith  All rights reserved