In The Shop


Purfling in various stages of completion

Gluing braces with gobar deck

Joining a bookmatched set for back

Abalone Blanks glued to a backer prior to sawing for rosette or purfling with bandsaw.

Cedar top ready to go on.

Gluing braces with gobar deck

Jig for slotting fretboards on table saw.

Glueing on back with gobar deck. The form is left in place to keep the ukulele’s shape.

1/8” thick template of worker bee inlay glued to 1/2” MDF.

Cutting out template for bee inlay with Scroll Saw.

I call this rig the Poorman’s CNC. What happens at the stylus (front) is happening at the dremel cutter at 1/3 the scale.

Finished worker bee inlay

Headstock inlay. The template is 3 times larger than the finished inlay at left.

Finished  Red King Snake inlay

Here is a Red King Snake inlay. Again all the segments are going to be cut out with the “Poorman”s CNC”.