In The Shop


Black Acacia rounds. These will be cut up with a chainsaw into manageable pieces before slicing into backs and sides

Making bridge blanks with cross vise

Cutting red coral on a curve for rosette inlay

Bending iron made from steel pipe and electric barbecue charcoal starter.

Three necks awaiting lacquer

Teachers desk makes a great work station

Main Shop Space

Good dust control is vital

Sanding and planing station. I don’t use the planer much for building ukuleles.

Debarking black acacia rounds. If you don’t take the bark off it will kill your bandsaw blades

I found a silver acacia log in a roadside ditch. After cutting into it I liked it so much I went back with my chainsaw and got the rest of the tree.

We builders end up making a lot of our own tools. This is temperature controller I made for bending sides.

Radius sanding disk. Put it over the center of iron pipe at left and give it a spin.

Wicking thin CA glue into rosette.

Sealing the ends with anchor seal to keep it from checking. It’s best to cut many of the woods into thin sets as soon as possible.

Red Coral Blanks for future inlays.

Installing kerfed linings.

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